Family Law

We provide legal advice with respect to all facets of family law, whether a matter is out of court or in litigation.

Separation Agreements

We prepare and negotiate separation agreements on behalf of clients.

Cohabitation Agreements & Marriage Contract

Sometimes one or both spouses wish to protect their assets and income during cohabitation and/or marriage. We prepare and negotiate cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts on behalf of clients.

Financial Disclosure

The sharing of financial information between spouses is a fundamental cornerstone of family law in Ontario. We provide guidance to clients on how to gather their financial records, as well as request the relevant documents we require from the other spouse.


If you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for at least one year or have been the victim of cruelty during the marriage, we assist clients apply to court for simple divorces or divorces with additional claims relating to children and finances.

Parenting Issues

We assist clients apply to court for decision-making authority (formerly known as “custody”) and parenting time with children (formerly known as “access”).

Child Support

In Canada, children have the right to financial support from their parents. We assist clients apply to court for child support, including “table support” and additional support for special and extraordinary expenses, such as daycare costs, extracurricular activities, and medical/dental fees.

Spousal Support

In Canada, spouses who are financially dependent on the other may be entitled to spousal support following the breakdown of the relationship. We carefully explain the law of support to clients, including (1) grounds for spousal support, (2) factors the Court looks at in determining the appropriate amount of support, and (3) determining an individual’s income for support purposes.

Division of Property

Financial issues in Family Law can be very complex, particularly in cases where one or both spouses own significant assets or own/operate a corporation. We help clients negotiate or apply to court for the division of property.

Restraining Orders

If a spouse or the children are victims of domestic violence, a spouse may request a restraining order against the other spouse. We have experience applying for and defending against such types of restraining orders.

Limited-Scope Legal Services

If you wish to represent yourself in court and only wish to receive legal advice on a limited basis, we offer a wide range of limited-scope legal services, such as drafting, coaching, and/or conducting legal research.

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